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Wakeupsales CRM is an all-in-one Customer Relationship Management tool to streamline your sales activities, improve your productivity & create powerful customer relationships.

In other words, Wakeupsales helps sales folks save time & become more effective by taking care of every-day problems like unorganized database, overlapping assignments, multiple tool handling, manual management of contacts, jumbled up spreadsheets, poor relationships with customers, lesser business visibility or even sales funnel leakage. 

Available on cloud, on-premises & android platforms... Wakeupsales CRM has really made lives easier for people from more than 30 countries. 

Wakeupsales Cloud is the most popular platform with on boarding that takes less than a minute. Just sign up and you're good to go. More so, every signup comes with a 30days free trial that gives you access to our premium features (more on that below) & everything else that our PRO plan has to offer. Once you're through with the trial, you get to choose between a free-forever plan and our powerful PRO plan which literally brings out the best in the CRM. 

The on-premises version of Wakeupsales CRM lets our users setup the CRM application on their servers, so that your data remains totally with you. It comes with all the premium features & 1year of premium support from us (subject to renewal beyond that period). The biggest advantage of the on-premises edition is that it can be completely customized to suit your exact requirements.

Here's a quick feature snapshot of Wakeupsales CRM:

  • Add, edit & manage leads
  • Invite & manage your team onboard
  • Create, edit or manage all your opportunities
  • Customize & manage your sales pipeline
  • Add tasks, notes or files to any opportunity
  • Send emails to your leads from the CRM
  • Convert opportunities into projects
  • Basic project management module
  • Organization listing for leads
  • Multiple currency options
  • Reports & analytics

& so much more...

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Acceso Móvil
Almacenamiento de Documentos
Integración de automatización de marketing
Integración de chat interno
Marketing por correo electrónico
Evaluación de clientes potenciales
Gestión de tareas
Presupuestos y ofertas
Sistema de calendarios o recordatorios
Gestión de tareas
Marketing por correo electrónico
Métricas de rendimiento
Portal de autoservicio
Seguimiento de asistencia al cliente
Sistema de calendarios o recordatorios
Catalogación y categorización
Control de respuestas por correo electrónico
Marketing por correo electrónico
Seguimiento de interacciones
Seguimiento de recomendaciones
Alertas sobre las propiedades
Correspondencia cliente/propiedad
Gestión de campañas
Gestión de clientes potenciales
Gestión de contactos
Gestión de documentos

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¿Qué opinas de Wakeupsales CRM?

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